Brochure home automation system Concept 2000Xp

Brochure home automation system Concept 2000Xp
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Why do electricians choose Conson and Concept 2000Xp?

The automation system Concept 2000XP Conson consists of modules that are preprogrammed, and in turn be programmed through software
  • Conson has been active since 1980 with products that are backwards compatible, being the only one in the business.
  • Affordable products that are suitable for several systems.
  • The modules are pre-programmed and can be programmed with or without a computer.
  • Switches and dims everything possible using only a small number of modules.
  • Free choice of a push-buttons and wiring.
  • Relay and dimmer modules have direct inputs and LED-outputs.
  • Unlimited modes and scenes from the local or external bus.
  • Practically, there are no limits to the number of used external buses.
  • Internet control via smart phones, tablets and other.
  • Easy to learn for beginning installers, no limits for specialists.
  • An exclusive software “ConTool”, the entire file is stored in the modules themselves.
  • Available only in specialized wholesales.
  • Starting with Conson products does not need investments, it only requires the will to learn.

Home automation system Concept 2000Xp de Conson available at your wholesaler

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